Conversation Starters

March 15, 2008

I keep saying I am going to blog thinking I have something important to talk about like the presidential race and the fact that I saw Obama, Huckabee and Clinton all speak before the March 4 Texas Primary. (Going to see them personally clinched my vote BIG TIME for Obama — hands down!) But then I let it go too long and then it just seems like too much time as passed for a blog to be relevant anymore….. So I just don’t do it…..

Well, I have this “game” called Table Topics with a bunch of cards in a box and I thought I would pick one and start talking about that until I make blogging an actual habit or close to it anyway. So here we go.

Ah, a good one chosen at random: “Where would you choose to live if you had to leave this country?”

Hmmmmm — do they mean Texas or America?? tee hee!!! (those outside Texas should know that we still think of Texas as its own country!)

Of the places I have been — Mexico, France, Italy, England, Austria and Switzerland — I would probably say France or Switzerland. I spent a summer in each country (France in 1986 and Switzerland in 1989), and I loved them both dearly. Unfortunately, not being able to speak French would make me a little apprehensive to live full time in either country before I learned French well.

I know I haven’t ever been to Canada, but I should really think I would like to live there just from what I saw on the film “Bowling for Columbine” about Canada’s news and crime statistics. I am so fortunate not to have ever been a victim of a direct crime upon my person or home (my car? definitely! My radio was stolen out of my Toyota Tercel 3 times!)

Where would you go if you HAD to??