I guess we are all on the “Journey to the end of our lives,” but to purposely make it sooooo hard that you make it almost impossible to survive seems ludicrous. Isn’t that what we are all doing anyway? Making it harder than it has to be? After all “We are going to make it out of the life alive” anyway, huh??Sorry to sound so morbid, but Mark and I just saw INTO THE WILD — and we loved it!! And I hope that Emile Hirsch gets an Oscar nomination for his incredible work. He deserves AT LEAST that, if not to win it overall. And I hope more people go out and see the film. I am sure it will go wider than the art-house theaters — it is a tour de force!Seeing a film like this makes me proud of the fact that I know there is life after death and that a more than glorious Heaven is my final destination.I look forward to meeting the real Chris McCandless there when I get there many moons from now! Thank you to the bravery of the McCandless family for sharing Chris’ story with the world.Go see this film!!! And let’s talk!