Mesmerizing Eloquence

October 11, 2007

Scar of Shame

Mark and I watched a truly extraordinary film tonight called SCAR OF SHAME. It was made in 1927 by the Color Players Film Corporation.The story behind the filmmakers deserves to be a film itself. A white theater owner in Philadelphia noticed his audience slowly change from white to black over the years. And instead of getting out of the business, he decided to embrace it. He searched for films that would appeal to his growing audience, and when he found that the films that portrayed African Americans weren’t showing their lives as they were living day-to-day, he decided to make them himself. And SCAR OF SHAME was one of them.This film talks about the class system inside the African American community that any of us will totally relate to — though I hope that those days are coming to an end, I know they haven’t yet. A well-to-do, educated concert pianist falls marries a lower class woman, but he feels like he can’t tell his Mother about her because of her own prejudice against others of a different “caste.” And that is just the beginning….. where all it leads to after that is amazing.The filmmaking, cast, and costuming is all truly amazing. I found myself at one moment praising the dissolves and another moment praising the beautiful flapper dresses. And to think about: “While appearing in this film, Lucia Lynn Moses (who plays the lead female actor, Louise, the poor girl who gets married) was commuting back and forth between the studio in Philadelphia and a chorus-line spot at the Cotton Club in New York City.” She doesn’t miss a beat.Definitely seek this one out! You will fall in love — I promise!Something fun to play with (Thanks Robin for forwarding it to me!):Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.