I am living a charmed life!

I love my husband, Mark! I love my business as an Entertainment Publicist (check out my website: http://www.kellykitchenspr.com! I have great clients.) I love my 2 15-year-old dogs, Bella and Bunky. I love my church, Springcreek Church. I love my friends — WAY too many to name, but they will show up in my blog quite often, I am sure.


2 Responses to “Insights on the Inside”

  1. Shannon said

    Hey, Kell!

    What a NEAT thing to have happen to you at the movies, and from a teenager no less! Just wondering if it’s that Arbonne glow coming through…and you haven’t even been using the face set yet! Can only imagine the compliments you’ll be getting left and right from total strangers once you’re fully on the RE9 line!

    Am so looking forward to Claire’s party tomorrow. I’m so hot-natured that I’m positively THRILLED it’s going to be a cold night tomorrow night. I might actually get to wear some fall-type clothing – yea!!!

    Will give you a ring come Monday to share all the gossip!

    Keep up the great work! Wish Mark the best from Chip and me. Hope Ericsson pans out – their health plan rocks!


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