Funny Dreams

November 30, 2008

Mark woke up and said he had a dream last night that I just had to share. He said that we bought a talking hutch, but we didn’t know it talked until we got it home. And when it talked it sounded like Roseanne Barr. He said he found himself more worried that it wouldn’t talk to him than worrying it wouldn’t shut up.

That had us rolling in laughter before we got out of bed.

Mine not as good was about a party that I went to where we were all waiting to go to a KISS concert though I knew it wasn’t a concert for the real KISS but for a tribute band. My friends Chip and Marti were there though I didn’t know why since Stephen was my only friend I knew who liked KISS. I told everyone I was there since my brother, Rob, couldn’t be there. (Rob liked KISS when we were growing up, though I don’t think he likes them anymore.)

Yeah, see mine wasn’t as good as Mark’s. Though when he saw that I was writing about this, he said: “Oh, don’t write about that.” “Why?” I asked. “Because it is silly,” he said. And I hope you agree with me that THAT is the point!


3 Responses to “Funny Dreams”

  1. Angela said

    hahaha!! I love the talking hutch!! Mine is funny in a sick, morbid way. I had it this weekend while at James’s folks house… So, we had a neighbor with a feral cat (I know, it doesn’t make sense already). The feral cat had kittens. I also had a cat (very tame) that was pure white. My cat was interested in the neighbor cat’s kittens, so he went outside to check them out, and the feral cat killed him!! I went outside to find him bloody and lifeless. In revenge, I cut a small hole in my sliding door screen, and let the kittens in. When the kittens got in the house, the feral mother cat tried to get to them, but got stuck in the screen, and I took that opportunity to strangle the cat between the door and the opening. When the neighbor lady came looking for her cat, I acted like I didn’t know where it was and then I strangled HER in the sliding door too!!! The cops came and I said I came home and found her that way. When I told James all of this, he said “Only the dream police would fall for that!” Like I said – funny in a sick way…

  2. krishundt said

    Out of all the voices the hutch could have…..Rosanne Barr!!!?? 🙂

  3. Sam said

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

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