November 11, 2008

Mark and I went and saw a $1 movie today (Tropic Thunder it was over-the-top, but fun!). We walked into the theater and there were about 5 people in the theater. I typically don’t make a habit of sitting so close to people if the theater is so empty, but what appeared to be a father and his 15-year old daughter were sitting right about the very spot in the center that I would have picked. So we sat in the row behind them over to their right.

And as I was scooting in, the girl turned around and said: “Excuse me ma’am.” I thought I hit her head or something, so I was preparing to say “sorry” or some equivalent. I replied simply: “Uh, yeah?” And softly and sweetly, she said: “You are beautiful.”

I nearly dropped my drink, turned and looked at Mark. And uttered back: “Wow…. Thank you!” I was in sweats, no makeup and messy hair, and a teenaged girl told me I was beautiful. I was stunned. So I giggled a bit. She engaged me further as if polling for my reaction by saying: “Are you laughing because I said that?” Mark chimed in and said: “She will be laughing off and on for a week because you said that.”

I told her she totally made my day to be given such a compliment by such a beautiful girl as her. She then started into what seems to be our (read: most females’) mantra after receiving such a gift of a compliment: “Oh my hair is such a mess, and I…..” but then she kinda trailed the mantra off and simply replied: “Thank you.”

I was amazed by this exchange. That kind of compliment isn’t something I hear often even when I feel like I look absolutely smashing. And I don’t think that girl had any sort of ulterior motive — I couldn’t imagine what it would be if she did have one — she just made my day. And I am truly grateful for that.

Mark and Kelly at the DPA's Revenge of It Came From Dallas

Mark and Kelly at the DPA


12 Responses to “Beautiful”

  1. krishundt said

    That is totally amazing. You know the girl is right. You are BEAUTIFUL. Big hugs my friend.

  2. Jazen said

    That is such a great story. You are smashing. Thank you for all your kind words. You are beautiful inside and out.

  3. jpluna said

    You have a great smile! Life beams out from it. That’s beauty to me.

  4. TG said

    she sounds like quite a precious teen. perceptive, too!

  5. TG said

    precocious! tsk

  6. rebecca said

    Great post. Love that photo. You are beautiful my dear, and it is about da@# time random teenagers start noticing. No, but really a nice reminder to be more present to the world and the beauty in it.

  7. Ray M said

    Wonderful God moment – thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Angela said

    Isn’t it amazing how a random person can tell you something that your closest confidant (Mark) probably tells you everyday and it means so much? Why is that? I guess because you know that a random person has absolutely NO reason to tell you except that they mean it. Mark means it too, and so does your momma and family, etc., but when someone just looks at you and can’t help but comment on your beauty, it sort of takes your breath away. It’s happened to me a few times, and it’s never ceased to stop me in my tracks and take my breath away. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy it and internalize it because it’s true.

  9. Mr. Rid said

    Ciao bela! I’m actually getting teary…

  10. Heather said

    Girl, you ARE beautiful inside and out…I think she saw and felt your beautiful vibes and was compelled to tell you. Isn’t that amazing. We girls do not compliment each other enough. We need to champion each other!


  11. Shawn Grover said

    I happy to say I know you were beautiful even 22 years ago. 🙂

  12. Todd Johnson said

    Kelly: She was just telling you what we all already know. And we probably should tell you more often. Bask in your beauty, girl. You’ve earned it.

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