I love this question! You know those changeable marquees outside churches? One of my favorite sayings on one of those marquees was: “Coincidences are when God choses to remain anonymous.”

That reflects perfectly how I have viewed coincidences. I can remember being in 9th or 10th grade and really seeing that even then. I even think that fate vs. free will play a part in all of that, too. Actually, I don’t believe in the “versus” part. I believe it is actually fate AND free will. Basically, I believe that we are fated to meet certain people, and it is what we decide to do with that meeting that is free will.

So the answer to the question is synchronicity. And I have multiple stories where I can totally see God’s hand in a seemingly simple introduction.


Kelly and Suzanne - post-single life!

Maybe it is because I am still somewhat of a newlywed (1 yr. 5 mths. 2 days as of today — OK 3 days since it is after midnight), but I really don’t miss much. I have quite a bit of freedom in my marriage, which is fabulous. I realized recently that I don’t just spend hours upon hours on the phone with friends like I used to. Mark told me today that he thinks I do just because I was on the phone with a friend for 30 minutes, but he really has NO idea!

Suzanne and I used to spend hours and hours on the phone especially when we were both single. We would even call each other in the middle of the night if we needed help or just to talk through a difficulty with a client, a boyfriend or just because. And I love those times on the phone. They were (and are still) very meaningful to one extent or another.

I am really trying to spend time with friends, but I enjoy being with Mark so much even if we aren’t doing anything special that I have to remind myself from time to time to just touch base with others. I love it that Mark loves all of my friends and that all of my friends love Mark too! So we enjoy having them over for dinner like we did last week with Sondra and Danielle.

But I might not get so much time with them one-on-one as I used to, but I have such an amazing family of friends that I know they are there for me just as I am there for them no matter how much time passes.


March 17, 2008

“At what age do most people become old and what is the secret to staying young?”

Well, since I just turned 40 in January, this question is very relevant. I may get a lot of flack for this, but it seems to me that people with children are “older” in general no matter what their age than people who are childless. I don’t know what that is exactly, but perhaps it is that they have a responsibility that far out surpasses any responsibility that those of us who are childless (at present anyway) have.

Thinking of being 40 is still a little foreign to me. I LOVED being in my 30s. I felt so much more at home in my body and in who I am. And I felt that almost instantly upon turning 30. While I still feel that way now, I guess I was thinking there would be another depth like that when I turned 40.

I know I haven’t answered the question directly, so perhaps I will come back to this question another day.

Conversation Starters

March 15, 2008

I keep saying I am going to blog thinking I have something important to talk about like the presidential race and the fact that I saw Obama, Huckabee and Clinton all speak before the March 4 Texas Primary. (Going to see them personally clinched my vote BIG TIME for Obama — hands down!) But then I let it go too long and then it just seems like too much time as passed for a blog to be relevant anymore….. So I just don’t do it…..

Well, I have this “game” called Table Topics with a bunch of cards in a box and I thought I would pick one and start talking about that until I make blogging an actual habit or close to it anyway. So here we go.

Ah, a good one chosen at random: “Where would you choose to live if you had to leave this country?”

Hmmmmm — do they mean Texas or America?? tee hee!!! (those outside Texas should know that we still think of Texas as its own country!)

Of the places I have been — Mexico, France, Italy, England, Austria and Switzerland — I would probably say France or Switzerland. I spent a summer in each country (France in 1986 and Switzerland in 1989), and I loved them both dearly. Unfortunately, not being able to speak French would make me a little apprehensive to live full time in either country before I learned French well.

I know I haven’t ever been to Canada, but I should really think I would like to live there just from what I saw on the film “Bowling for Columbine” about Canada’s news and crime statistics. I am so fortunate not to have ever been a victim of a direct crime upon my person or home (my car? definitely! My radio was stolen out of my Toyota Tercel 3 times!)

Where would you go if you HAD to??