I heard this a while back. Everyday find something you are grateful for — tell your partner, tell your kids, tell your friends — make it personal to them, you can never say it too much or too often. And here is the kicker — make it something different today than it was yesterday. The goal is to have a unique string that is never repeated. There is enough to go around — yes, we live in THAT much of an abundant world.

I believe the more you put gratitude out there, you will notice it coming back to you in droves.

Today, I am grateful for our troops. I am grateful for our Marines, Air Force, Soldiers, and Navy personnel. Our nation is blessed to have them on the job. If you went through the entire weekend without realizing that Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day, it isn’t too late. Add a service man or woman to your gratitude list this week.

I am grateful to Mark for creating a salad that I actually LOVE and find completely satisfying. And THAT is really saying something in this picky-eater, salad-hating girl’s life. It is really going to help me in my continuing efforts to get to a healthy weight. YAY!

Have a great week!