Bang it all out!

October 8, 2007

Mark and I saw Blue Man Group last night! WOW!! What fun! I was amazed at the extensive display of emotion on their blue faces. Mark, of course, noticed their massive production crew.

Another cool thing was how many families were there enjoying the show together. We were sitting in between a single dad and his 13-year old son and a single mom and her 11-year old son. When I was 12 (I think), my Mom took me to see John Denver perform with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. While it was fun and I am glad that I saw him perform, I just couldn’t imagine my Mom taking me to Blue Man Group — my Dad, maybe. I think he would have loved the innovative way they played the tubes, sticks and even the piano.


One Response to “Bang it all out!”

  1. Karen W said

    Kelly: When I was 13 my Mom took me & 3 friends to see the Beach Boys. She was the only mother who volunteered. We were in the 8th row center & my mom got irritated with a girl standing up in front of us & rapped her on the head with a program!

    Glad you enjoyed the concert & brought back this memory for me.

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