Can’t pass this up

October 25, 2007

This just couldn’t be MORE me:


Year: One

October 23, 2007

Yummy cake even after a year in the freezer!

Yesterday was my and Mark’s first anniversary. We reflected on the past year with awe and amazement of what all we had gone through. Instead of doing anything fancy, we just lounged around at home as a cold front blew in and ate our year old wedding cake (by Adam Corolla!! and it was Quite good!!! Amazingly enough!!)

We talked about what our “anniversary resolution” should be. I came up with eating together at the table instead of in front of the TV so we could talk while we eat. That is one of my main reasons that I love to go out to eat because we are focused on each other and have great conversations. So I will let you know how that turns out.

Love is a powerful thing. And I thank God for Mark and his love every day!

What an amazing adventurous dining experience I had tonight!! And I am the furthest thing from an adventurous eater — that is Mark’s role in the family.

Mark and I were invited to a dinner that was celebrating the film: 30 DAYS IN DARKNESS. And that was exactly where we were — in total and complete darkness. I thought I had been in total darkness before, but now I know that I never have. It was almost inky deep — it had a thickness to it that you simply have to experience to fully understand.

We were lead in 10 at a time by blind waiters. (After all, aren’t they pros at getting around and eating in the dark?) They weaved us (hands on the shoulders of the person walking in front of us) around a few partitions that lead you inside the room. The room was never lit for us so we could get our bearings or anything like that.

Once seated, our waiter, Kathy, direct us in how to find our water, bread basket and napkins. Then we proceeded to have a yummy salad (and I hate salad), a chicken and mushroom entree, and a poached pear in cognac for dessert. Although I knew what the food was in general, but I was never really sure what I was putting in my mouth. And that took a lot of bravery on the part of this picky-eater extraordinaire.

The absolute greatest thing about the whole experience (besides Mark’s occasional naughtiness!) was getting to know the other people at the table. We had 8 at our table because 1 woman freaked out literally 30 seconds after we were in the door. Out of those 8 people, I knew Mark and one other couple (Kathy and Julius G.). I sat next to Karyn and her date Marcel and next to them were Rita and Russell.

Well, come to find out I DID know them. Karyn asked me my last name — when I said, “Kitchens,” she said: “I knew it!! Kelly J Kitchens!” I was amazed. I had been sending her press releases for years. Karyn works for the Tom Joyner Show!! And that got me thinking — Rita and Russell…. I asked them “Cook and Dandridge??” and they said: “Yes!”

Turns out that here was a group of people who I had email relationships with due to the fact that I am a publicist and they are all in the media. I got to see Karyn’s beautiful face, but unfortunately, Rita and Russell left before I was able to see them actually face-to-face. But we all have this amazing experience, which we laughingly shared. I was impacted by this 2 hours in the inky darkness more than I ever thought I would be.

Thank you, Roderick and Moroch for this incredible opportunity!

I thought I would put the links up of the publicity coming in for the Dallas Producers Association‘s event Bride of It Came From Dallas:

Bride of It Came From Dallas:
Pegasus News video interviews with Bob Dauber and Gordon Keith

(The audio could be better – but it’s legible if you boost the volume.)

Pegasus News article
The Dallas Morning News

There will be more coming out in the next day or so.

I will post more as they come in.

Thought-provoking quote

October 13, 2007

This one was courtesy of Bob Dauber (though he thinks he heard it somewhere else, it totally sounds like something he would say): “Confidence is the feeling you have before you know what it going on.”

If you know who said that originally, will you please let me know?!


I guess we are all on the “Journey to the end of our lives,” but to purposely make it sooooo hard that you make it almost impossible to survive seems ludicrous. Isn’t that what we are all doing anyway? Making it harder than it has to be? After all “We are going to make it out of the life alive” anyway, huh??Sorry to sound so morbid, but Mark and I just saw INTO THE WILD — and we loved it!! And I hope that Emile Hirsch gets an Oscar nomination for his incredible work. He deserves AT LEAST that, if not to win it overall. And I hope more people go out and see the film. I am sure it will go wider than the art-house theaters — it is a tour de force!Seeing a film like this makes me proud of the fact that I know there is life after death and that a more than glorious Heaven is my final destination.I look forward to meeting the real Chris McCandless there when I get there many moons from now! Thank you to the bravery of the McCandless family for sharing Chris’ story with the world.Go see this film!!! And let’s talk!

Mesmerizing Eloquence

October 11, 2007

Scar of Shame

Mark and I watched a truly extraordinary film tonight called SCAR OF SHAME. It was made in 1927 by the Color Players Film Corporation.The story behind the filmmakers deserves to be a film itself. A white theater owner in Philadelphia noticed his audience slowly change from white to black over the years. And instead of getting out of the business, he decided to embrace it. He searched for films that would appeal to his growing audience, and when he found that the films that portrayed African Americans weren’t showing their lives as they were living day-to-day, he decided to make them himself. And SCAR OF SHAME was one of them.This film talks about the class system inside the African American community that any of us will totally relate to — though I hope that those days are coming to an end, I know they haven’t yet. A well-to-do, educated concert pianist falls marries a lower class woman, but he feels like he can’t tell his Mother about her because of her own prejudice against others of a different “caste.” And that is just the beginning….. where all it leads to after that is amazing.The filmmaking, cast, and costuming is all truly amazing. I found myself at one moment praising the dissolves and another moment praising the beautiful flapper dresses. And to think about: “While appearing in this film, Lucia Lynn Moses (who plays the lead female actor, Louise, the poor girl who gets married) was commuting back and forth between the studio in Philadelphia and a chorus-line spot at the Cotton Club in New York City.” She doesn’t miss a beat.Definitely seek this one out! You will fall in love — I promise!Something fun to play with (Thanks Robin for forwarding it to me!):Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

Bang it all out!

October 8, 2007

Mark and I saw Blue Man Group last night! WOW!! What fun! I was amazed at the extensive display of emotion on their blue faces. Mark, of course, noticed their massive production crew.

Another cool thing was how many families were there enjoying the show together. We were sitting in between a single dad and his 13-year old son and a single mom and her 11-year old son. When I was 12 (I think), my Mom took me to see John Denver perform with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. While it was fun and I am glad that I saw him perform, I just couldn’t imagine my Mom taking me to Blue Man Group — my Dad, maybe. I think he would have loved the innovative way they played the tubes, sticks and even the piano.

Tonight was the 2nd to the last planning meeting for Bride of It Came From Dallas. What a FABULOUS group of people I have the pleasure to work with on this hysterical event. This is the 3rd year for this fundraiser for the Dallas Producers Association ( And every year it gets bigger and better. Check out the poster! Bride of It Came From Dallas poster

So I know I am starting this blog mid-life for several projects that I am working on and so things might seem a little disjointed to a total newcomer. If you want to know more, email me or leave a comment here. I will be happy to answer any and all questions.


October 2, 2007


I hope people (more than Mark and I) watched this ultra-clever new show tonight. It came on after “Cavemen,” which, yes, I was looking forward to (I just LOVE those Geico commercials). But while “Cavemen” fell short, I just left it on to see what “Carpoolers” was all about. And it had me at the sing-a-long of “I’m All Out of Love….” WHY do we ALL know ALL the words to bad songs by Air Supply?? But we do. Go ahead…. admit it. You do to.”Carpoolers” had so many laughs in it even the 2nd time around…. Well, I recorded it for Mark and had to watch it again with my husband, now didn’t I!?! All of the characters are very well defined almost immediately. My favorite was Aubrey (Jerry Minor); he was so low-key and even and hysterical. And Mark said: “I have a feeling that will be me in a couple of years.”I just hope that the people who make decisions about what to keep and what to let go DEFINITELY keep this one!Check out the website: or