And aaaawwwaaayyyy we go!

September 30, 2007

I am so excited about my new blog. This will not only reflect what I am working on in my business, but you will also get to know me and the rest of my life here as well.

Just let me start out by saying that Mark and I will be celebrating our 1st anniversary on October 22!! This has been quite a year for us as newlyweds — miscarriage, blood transfusions, softball-sized tumor removed (Thank God; it was benign!!), bi-weekly Iron IVs (and that was just me!) and a 2 1/2 month lay-off (that one was Mark). But through it all we have remained strong, generous, caring, playful, loving, humorous, and sane. God sure did know what he was doing when he put our lives together. And I am so looking forward to the rest of it with Mark and, indeed, with all my friends and family.

So have a great night! I will be back with you as soon as I figure more of this out.


One Response to “And aaaawwwaaayyyy we go!”

  1. […] my and Mark’s first anniversary. We reflected on the past year with awe and amazement of what all we had gone through. Instead of doing anything fancy, we just lounged around at home as a cold front blew in. We talked […]

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